Lynden Global Education
Always by Your side

Our values

Personalized customization
International awareness
Tracking over the whole course of study
Foreign emergency response system
Comprehensive pre-departure briefing
Practicing strictly in accordance with the Chinese Ministry of Education's qualification management standards
We adopt the standard contract recommended by the Ministry of Education of China
Only recommend the overseas institutions that are recognized by the Chinese Ministry of Education
Practicing strictly according to the enrollment standards of overseas institutions
We apply for student visas strictly according to the standards of provisions of the embassy and visa centers
Fees are legal and transparent
Objective evalsuation of Study Abroad Ability
Personalized study plan/ proposal
Detailed Major interpretation
Clear and transparent process
Abundant international curriculum experience

Our vision

To become your trusted consultant for study abroad


Since 2009, we have successfully sent hundreds of students to study abroad.
High school student sent to study abroad by Lynden have all entered the undergraduate academic education.
Our company has also successfully launched several international winter / summer camps.
In 2016, Lynden obtained certification as “Accredited Self-Financed Overseas Study Service Provider” and also obtain the certificate of “Qualified Education Agent Counsellor”

What We Do

We provide English tutoring, pre-departure briefing, post admissions welfare services, and arrange homestay accommodations. Besides helping students to apply for the student visa, we also help their family to apply for the visiting visa and accompanied study visa. We will continue to follow up with parents even after their children have began their courses. Our company will also organize international winter / summer camps and international exchange student programs.

  • 既定且探索Established but still seeking
  • 成就卻依然努力Accomplished but still striving
  • 內蘊但依然好奇Content but still curious
  • 成熟而親切Sophisticated but still approachable
  • 聰慧但不傲慢Intelligent but not arrogant
  • 自信而不自負Confident but not conceited
  • 有夢想且開放Dreaming but still open minded
When we speak
We are experienced study abroad counselors and we always provide professional services to our client. Our client trusts us to be their authority. We make it a point to never act overbearing or condescending to our clients. We provide our customers with a variety of choices and customers themselves will make the decision. We work to build a strong relationship with our customers and maintain lasting ties. We’re aspiration and always accessible.
We recognize the high standards of academic quality around the world. Students should have more choices and opportunities to get a better education. We believe that education is very important to a student’s future career. Education should not been avoided or taken lightly.
Because of their continued pursuit of knowledge, we know that every student who comes to us is excellent and unique. Therefore, we value our work in helping them realizing their dreams.
In our world, “please” and “thank you” are magic words. We never tire of working with and helping our clients. We will help to solve every client’s problem happily and with patience. We were passionate in our work.
The student we’re speaking to
They are eager to get more knowledge and a better study environment.
They wish to know more about other countries cultures and making friends with those from different countries and different skin colors.
They are not afraid of all challenges and they wish they can become independent.
They wish to become the owner of their life and make correct decision for their future.
They want to learn English fluently and traveled the world. They are eager to been recognized by this world.

Contact us

  • Tel:0086-871-65820582
  • Add:3F-02, Xiexin Tiandi, Jianshe Road, Kunming 650031, China.
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